The Omaha Fairmont Antiques & Mercantile



The Omaha Fairmont Building History

While it currently holds our antique market, candy store, and soda fountain, the Fairmont building - and the land location itself - has a long and rich history in the Omaha area.

July 11, 1854

The Fairmont building currently sits at the location of Omaha's first log cabin. Additionally, Omaha's first church service was held at this cabin, led by a Methodist minister from Kanesville (Council Bluffs). The site also became home to Omaha's first hotel, the Saint Nicholas. Room rates were a few pennies a night for a blanket and the privilege of curling up to your neighbor on the dirt floor.

(from "Above All Others on a Stream" by Betty J Davis, 2009)


The Fairmont Creamery of Fairmont, Nebraska moved to the city of Omaha in 1904. The name Fairmont comes from the original Fairmont Foods, which was founded by the soon-to-be Fairmont Creamery in 1884. The Fairmont Creamery was a pioneer in milk can pickup and was one of the first creameries to give farmers their own hand cream separators. In 1929 it was incorporated and began to diversify product lines to include frozen foods, cheese and poultry products.

(from Nebraska State Historical Society Website)


The Fairmont Creamery was renamed Fairmont Foods in 1948 which reflected the corporation's diversification. During this time period the Fairmont Creamery grew to become a Fortune 500 company. It also earned a seat on the New York Stock Exchange in 1959. The 21 years from 1959-1980 brought even broader diversification to Fairmont Foods. The corporation began to produce food products like chicken, pies, potato chips, soda, dips and frozen pizza. (from Nebraska State Historical Society Website)


In 1975 Fairmont Foods corporation was moved to Houston, Texas when its U-TOTEM convenience store subsidiary became more profitable than the food products divisions. In 1980 Fairmont Foods merged with a subsidiary of American Financial Corporation of Cincinnati, Ohio. From 1980-1984 all of Fairmont Foods properties and subsidiaries were either sold or progressively closed.

(from Nebraska State Historical Society Website)

April 10, 2007

Hollywood Candy opens it original location on the corner of 13th & Howard in Omaha, Nebraska.

September 4, 2010

During labor day weekend 2010, the Hollywood Candy store moved from its original location on the corner of 13th and Howard to the Fairmont Building. The move and build-out took a little over two months, and by early November, the new store was open for business in the old Fairmont Building of Omaha's Old Market.